Based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, Usher Creative is a small creative studio with a focus on providing small businesses and non-profits with print graphics, branding, real estate photography, photo editing and web design.







Hi, I'm Buck Usher. I began my career in the creative industry in 1999 after discovering that I'm unreliable in emergency situations because I faint at the sight of blood and I panic during earthquakes and fire drills. Consequently, I dropped out of med school and took up Adobe Creative Suite instead.


Prior to moving to Santa Barbara, I lived in Seattle where I worked as both a graphic designer and photo editor for companies including Ivey Imaging, Getty Images and OnRequest Images. Additionally, I worked as a real estate & architectural photographer for such companies as Windermere Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's, Prudential and Stuart Silk Architects.


Esterhazy is an old Great Dane who flunked secretarial school but was willing to work for food so I hired her anyway. She can barely type and suffers from uncontrollable drooling and frequent bouts of flatulence. However, what she lacks in motor skills, she makes up for with her incredible ability to locate a lost biscuit anywhere within a two mile radius. When she's not fast asleep on the sofa, she can be found barking at the television; usually while I'm on the phone with a client.

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